16. MTB Singletrack Marathon Košice 2019 - UCI MTB Marathon Series 

The event is organized under the UCI regulations

- UCI MTB Marathon series ,class 3 -
- bike spirit tour - 
- východ mtb liga -
-  MTB XCM Slovak national cup -



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14. September 2019 (Saturday)

Recreational center Jahodná at Košice



ProSport Team Košice o.z. in cooperation whith ProEfekt Košice o.z. and FamilyGym Oaza sport centrum

Tel: 00421 911 972 021 – Tomáš Hauser


E-mail :

Web :


In cooperation with:
Košice city, Mestské Lesy Košice, Recreational center JAHODNÁ, Chata Lajoška, Recreational area Bankov, Recreational area Alpinka, Koliba Potoky

Director of the Race:

Tomáš Hauser

Registration, Chronometer, Results:
Ing. Dušan Richter (VOS-TPK) , Frantisek Teplický (

Tomáš Hauser, KECY 

UCI commissaire : Nikola Jakovljevic, President of Commissaires' Panel

Chief jury: Michaela Rabatinova - delegated by Slovak Cycling Federation


Commentator of the event:
Luboš "Terry" Dupkala

Health surveillance:
Offroad Rescue Service Východ

Characteristics of the event:

16th year of the endurance mountain bike race dedicated to the enthusiasts of the mountain biking, to the lovers of the forest paths (single tracks) and of the real bike ride and the enjoyment of MTB in the beautiful nature on the adapted tracks with the perspective on Košice and Volovské Vrchy.

Track surface: 60% single track !!!

35% forest path with the reinforced surface

5% asphalt, chesil (crushed balast)

Description of the tracks:

„80 km „ (79 km/2450m)premium „Kopec Pravdy“ („Hill of the Truth“). The track is intended for trained, technically more capable riders and the forest path lovers (single tracks lovers). Also less trained enthusiasts who love challenges and like to win over themselves will come into their´s own. On this track the time limit is set when passing gap of Jahodná. The racer has to pass this place not later than ...

After that time limit the racer can continue further, but the track will not be secured anymore and her/his final time will not be registered.

„50 km“ (47km/1450m)premium „Kopec pravdy“ („Hill of the Truth“)

The track passes through the most well known paths and the most popular locations between Košice and Lajoška. It is intended for technically more capable riders who love to chase their rivals on the nice forest paths (single tracks) with the view on the city and the neighbouring hills.

„20 km“ (22 km/650m) – for the racers without the Slovak Cycling Association licence.

The track is intended for the „amateurs“ who begin with the biking in the forest, want to try the real terrain for the mountain bike and to enjoy the pleasant racing atmoshere, to spend a nice day in the „cycling esprit“.

Junior Race Children race for the youngest, in a new singletrack area near the start/finish area.



80km - long (start at 10:00) :

Men ELITE UCI MTB Marathon Series
Men 19 - 39 years
Men masters B 40 - 49 years
Men masters C 50 - 59 years
Men masters D 60 or more years
Women ELITE UCI MTB Marathon Series
Womens 19 or more years
Slovak national cup XCM - men 19-39 years with SZC or UCI licence
Slovak national cup XCM - men masters 40-49 years with SZC or UCI licence
Slovak national cup XCM - men masters 50 years or above  with SZC or UCI licence
Slovak national cup XCM - women 19 years or above  with SZC or UCI licence

50km - medium (start at 10:00) :

Men 19 - 29 years
Men masters A 30 - 39 years
Men masters B 40 - 49 years
Men masters C 50 - 59 years
Men masters D 60 or more years
19 - 39 years
Masters B 40 - 49 years
50 or more years
Juniors 17 - 18 years
Junior womens 17 - 18 years
Slovak national cup XCM - juniors until 18 years whith UCI or SZC licence
Slovak national cup XCM - junior womens until 18 years whith UCI or SZC licence
Slovak national cup XCM - women masters 40 years or above whith UCI or SZC licence
TEAM 50 - without year and gender selection


20km - short (start at 11:30) :
Man 19 years or more
Woman 19 years or more
Juniors 17 - 18 years
Kadets 15 - 16 years
Junior womans 17 - 18 years
Kadet womens 15 - 16 years
Slovak national cup XCM - cadets until 16 years (U17) whith UCI or SZC licence
Slovak national cup XCM - cadet womans until 16 years (U17) whith UCI or SZC licence
Family - Parent and children/s until 15 years
TEAM 20 - without year and gender selection
EBike - without year gender and bike power selection (all on ebikes in one category) 

ŠKODA Junior Race - Childrens race from 1 to 14 years
( boys and girls kategories 1-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-14 )


Evaluation of the categories:

For the Yetti track the first five men will be announced in the absolut order. In all the rest of the categories the first three racers will be announced. The Premium „Kopec Pravdy“ („Hill of the Truth“) will obtain the racer determined by lot from among the racers who will cycle up the defined part on the bike saddle. The special awards will be granted in the categories: the oldest participant, the youngest participant, the last participant, the heaviest bicycle, the biggest loser, the most beautiful female biker.


Registration forms:

On-line:  or via our website : here

The application forms sent electronically must be signed by hand at the presentation.

The registered persons under 18 years are required to have the written approval of their legal representative. The persons under 15 years may take part in the marathon only when accompanied by their legal representative. This doesn´t apply for the tracks „Junior Race“.


Participation fee:

0,- €  For the Junior Race in age kategory baby 0-4 years.  

2,- €  For the Junior Race in age kategory  5-14 years.

1,- €  For childrens until 14 years in Family category on the 20km
( parents pay the ammount below).

18,- € payed until 14.8.2019 only for 15-18 years (cadets and juniors man and women), with starting package and chance to order souvenirs .

22,- € payed until 14.8.2019
with starting package and chance to order souvenirs .

26,- € payed until 6.9.2019
with starting package but withoutchance to order souvenirs

30,- € payed after 6.9.2019 or at the registration on friday or saturday.
We can guarantee the start package for the first 500 payed participants 


Changes in the registration form  :
course change : 0,- € until 14.8.2019
                                 3,- € at the registration on friday or saturday

 2. switching the registration to another person :   - 5,-€.

The registration is linked with the payment of the registration fee in the defined date.

The registration (the dates with the reduced fee) and the payment on the day of the event will be not accepted. In this case the application fee 30,- EUR applies.

The application forms are valid only with the annexed confirmation of the paid application fee or the copy of the confirmation of the bank transfer order.

The registration fee includes starting package ( showed below) the participation in the event, time measurement (chronometry), refreshment on the track, warm meal and drink at the finish, memorial souvenir, cleaning of the bikes, showers and the parking charge. 


Start package :


You can also preorder these souveniers via registration form until 14.august :

Backpack ( + 6,-€) : 

T shirt ( + 10,- € ) : 

Hi kvality material from 100%cotton, classic fit .   




1. By bank transfer order to the bank account:

IBAN: SK0511000000002947462493,


Variable symbol: your ID number  in registration system

Note: Name and Surname

2. In cash on the registration spot.

Payment with credit card is not possible.



13.9.2019 (Friday) Košice – FamilyGym Oáza 18:00–21:00

14.9.2019 (Saturday) Jahodná – Čajovňa od 07:00 hod.

The end of presentation is 30 minutes before the start of the respective category!!

At the presentation the participants will receive the memorial souvenir, instructions, food and drink voucher, starting number, starting number clip, chip, map with the track description.



Long „80km“ – 5x

Middle „50km“ – 4x

Short  „20km“ – 2x

powered by Davorin s. r. o. and Powerbar products.


Track marking:

According to the UCI rules: direction arrows (boards with the white backround) show the next changes of the track, the crossroads and all the potential dangerous situations. The supplementary marking: by means of PE strips and colorful direction arrows sprayed with the striking sprey colour on the surface and the stable objects on the track. Also special and interesting parts of the track, premiums and the refreshment zones will be marked.



Start and Finish of the race is in Jahodná at Košice. The times of the starts for the respective categories are specified in the end of this information, in the part Program.


Unofficial results shall be gradually announced on the information table in the Start/Finish area. The protests may be submitted only in the written form, immediately after the arrival to the finish, in th office for the race, to the hands of the race director, but not later than 1 hour before the anouncement of the results. The deposit at the submission of the protest is 50,- EUR. If the protest was unjustified , the deposit shall be forfeited in favor of the organizer.

Time measurement:

The measurement shall be ensured by the company VOS-TPK by the chip technology. The fee in the case of the chip loss is 50,- EUR. After the finishing the marathon each participant shall be obliged to give the chip back.



Súhlasím, že počas pretekov bude na trati pôsobiť fotoservis partnera podujatia, spoločnosti
    Faxcopy Pro  s.r.o.  IČO: 47076178. V tejto súvislosti udeľujem súhlas na fotografovanie na
    preteku a zverejnenie mojich fotografií zo štartovým  číslom na stránke
    Tiež súhlasím,  aby osobné údaje boli poskytnuté spoločnosti Faxcopy Pro s.r.o. na
    spracovanie a uchovanie v  rozsahu štartové  číslo a e-mailová adresa za účelom zasielania
    informácií o dostupnosti fotografií. Súhlas  platí po dobu maximálne 5 rokov po skončení

   You can order a full photo pack for 7,90€ at the online registration !



Technical assistance:

In the Start and Finish area and in the area of the refreshement stations shall be ensured the basic technical assistance.

Prizes and Awards:

The first three in the categories in all tracks will obtain the cups and the material prizes. The winner of the Premium „Kopec Pravdy“ („Hill of the Truth“) will obtain the material prize. The first 5 men an women whith UCI license in the absolut order on the 80 km will obtain the financial awards as follows:




           Men :                                        Women: 200 EUR      200 EUR 150 EUR      150 EUR 100 EUR      100 EUR   75 EUR        75 EUR   50 EUR          50 EUR 


  • Premium „Kopec Pravdy“ („Hill of the Truth“) will obtain the racer determined by lot from among the racers who will cycle up the definied part of the track on the bike sadle. 
  • Premium " Lajoška"  - first men at the top. 
  • special awards will be granted in the categories: the oldest participant, the youngest participant, the last participant, the heaviest bicycle, the biggest loser, the most beautiful female biker.


The handover of the prizes is subject to their takeover in person at the winner´s podium !!



The participants are obliged to ensure their individual insurance. If necessary the participant is required to prove the possesion of the health insurance card. The organizer shall not be liable for the damages caused on the property or on the health linked to the participation in the race or on the way to and the stay on the race site.


The organizer shall not ensure the accomodation. There are the camping and the accomodation possibilities at Jahodná.

The individual reservation at the reception:


    Jahodná Resort:
    tel.:00421-55-696 73 95,  
00421-903 269 257, 




    Hotel Bankov:
    Dolný Bankov 2, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia
     tel.: +421 55 63 245 22 – 4 (reception)
            +421 905 470 123



Showers: Hostel Jahodná.


Cleaning of the bikes:
     Is at the start/finish area powered by CYKLOSTAR in 16 cleaning boxes ! 



Race participation conditions:

Good health state (medical check – up recommended). By the registration the racer confirms her/his good health state, capable of long - term body burden!

The payment of the registration fee, good technical state of the bike, bike helmet during the whole race. Taking off the helmet during the race is punishable by the disqualification of the racer and at the same time by the exclusion from tombola.


All the racers take part in the race at their own risk.

The race will take place under any weather conditions and during the full road traffic. The participant of the race is required to follow the Road Traffic Regulations and the instructions of the organizer.

Each participant shall be liable for the damages caused on the objects and on her/his health and the health of the organizers and the third parties.

In case of the early termination of the race the racer is required to announce this fact to the organizer. If she/he fails to do this, she/he shall be liable for all the consequences linked to the searching.

Outside of the refreshment zones the throwning out of any of the tresh is strictly prohibited and leads to the immediate disqualification. Be friendly to the nature and its inhabitants.

In case of the cancellation or the interruption of the event by reason of „vis major“, the registered racer shall not be entitled to a refund.

The racing shall follow this schedule.


Friday, 13.9.2019

  • 12:00 – 20:00  Training on the track.  ( All competitors ride in training at their own risk! No traffic limitations apply for training = be aware when crossing roads at all times!!! )
  • 18:00 – 21:00 presentation  in FamilyGym Oaza ( Kustrova 5.,Košice )
  • 20:30 – Team manager meeting

Saturday, 14.9.2019

  • 07:00 start of the presentation
  • 10:00 common start of  80 km and 50km
  • 11:30 common start of 20 km and Family
  • 13:00 start of Mini Children race
  • 14:30 anouncement of the children race
  • 15:30 anouncements of the 16. MTB singletrack marathon and UCI m.s. 
  • 16:00 anouncement of the Slovak National XCM cup overall winners
  • 16:30 anouncement of the overall winners of Východ MTB Liga

Saturday, 15.9.2019 


The right to make the changes if necessary is reserved to the organizer. , valid from 3.7.2019